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Ice Creams is a science and a culture

We offer services in consulting, fitting and supply of Italy made equipment for ice cream and wafer cups and cones production, automation of technological operations:

mixture and dough preparation, boxing of products, QR / Matrix code reading and aggregation in labels)
silos storage and automatic dosage of powder and liquid ingredients, robotization of pallets preparation and handling
technologist support and supply of natural aroma pastes, ripples, toppings, decorations for industrial ice cream and gelato

Why you should choose us

OOO "Vip Ice" represents a group of Italian companies, leaders in the design, construction, installation and technical assistance of complete industrial lines for the production of excellent gelato.

OOO "Vip Ice" provides optimized solutions for the weighing and mixing of ingredients, pasteurization, the creation of traditional and innovative products, garnishing, hardening, packaging, boxing and robotic storage.

OOOO "Vip Ice" provides solutions for baking equipment of waffer cups and cones, cigars, flat waffer etc. both gas and electric, of different capacity, mixers for dough preparation, as well recipes for each type of product.

OOO "Vip Ice" provides consulting and training services for the development of technological processes, from the traditional to the most innovative, for the creation of products with a high quality standard, with reference to the organoleptic and hygienic aspects.

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